Sunday, February 3, 2008

Welcome to the Realness

What up y'all? Welcome to the Realness. First off, check this mix I made a while back. Stay tuned cause I'm about to drop another real soon. Peace.

The mp3 download is available here.


Tracklist -

1. S.O.S. Band - "High Hopes" (80's boogie funk intro)

2. Banda Uniao Black - "Na Palma Da Mao" (Brazilian banger)

3. Romanowski - "Strudel Strut" (Nu jazz breakbeat)

4. Nickodemus feat. Jay Rodriguez - "Funky in the Middle" (Newer production Latin funk)

5. Poncho Sanchez - "Watermelon Man (Dan the Automator Mix feat. Lyrics Born)" (Latin hip-hop remix)

6. Freddie Cruger - "The Hustle" (Funky Latin breaks)

7. Troublemakers - "Groover’s Back" (Funk)

8. Quantic - "Furthest Moment" (Funk house)

9. Gerardo Frisina - "Batucafro" (Latin house)

10. The Bamboos - "Golden Rough" (Funk)

11. Los Dinamicos Exciters feat. Ralph Weeks - "Let Me Do My Thing" (Panamanian Soul)

12. Gal Costa - "Vou Recomecar" (Brazilian Tropicalia)

13. Jorge Ben - "Cade o penalty" (Brazilian Tropicalia)

14. Caetano Veloso - "Two Naira Fifty Kobo" (Brazilian Tropicalia)

15. Dave Pike - "Cayo Coco" (Salsa jazz)

16. Joe Bataan - "Aftershower Funk" (New Yorkican Latin Funk)

17. Willie Bobo - "Soul Foo Young" (Funk)

18. This Kid Named Miles feat. Bumps Jackson - "Funky in Jamaica" (Funky reggae)

19. Brent Dowe - "Reggae Makossa" (reggae version of soul makossa)

20. The Chosen Few - "Collie Stuff" (Jamaican soul)

21. Shark Wilson and the Basement Heaters - "Make it Reggae" (Jamaican soul)

22. Max Romeo and the Upsetters - "Chase the Devil" (roots reggae)

23. Romanowski - "Romjack Steady" (New production Rocksteady Dub)

24. Ohmega Watts feat. Sugar Candy - "Treasure Hunt" (hip-hop reggae)

25. Hydroponic Soundsystem - "Inna Dancehall Expression" (Dancehall reggae)

26. Lennie Hibbert - "Lights" (Jamaican jazzy funk)

27. Mustafa Okzent ve Orkestrasi - "Dolana Dolana" (Turkish psychedelic Funk)

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