Monday, June 9, 2008

Saturday was great.

I walked around Capitol Hill for a while and then decided to hit up my favorite sushi spot on the hill, Sushi Maki. It is not quite to the level of Mashiko in West Seattle but I doubt there are many better places than that joint in the States (for real). Sushi Maki is about the size of a closet with two tiny tables outside. The sushi is not too expensive and mad good.

Later, I drank a bottle of PetrĂ³n with some friends that I snagged duty-free on my way back from Alaska. We were celebrating my homie Nick's b-day. He is really rocking the rat tail hard these days.

Afterward, I went back over to Capitol Hill to meet up with some friends and check out this party that turned out to be a dope space filled with wack people. The music was weak as well. So we decided to peace.

Just as I thought the night was winding down we ran into this bohemian-style marching band on Pike that was amazing. They instantly had a couple hundred people following them as we all paraded drunkenly through the hood.

Eventually we wound up in the center of Cal Anderson Park. What was so great about it was that people were so into it they kept following the marching band long after they were done playing like they had no where else to go.

I am gonna miss Seatown big time. San Francisco here I come.

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