Friday, February 6, 2009

Catchin' up.

So this week has been damn good. I brought two of my favorite DJs out to AFREAKA! and The Funky Rewind, Mophono and DJ b.cause.

Mophono came out as my guest for my monthly world psych night AFREAKA!

We watched Jodorowsky's classic 1971 psych classic El Topo.

Mr. "I have two copies of everything" at work. (Benji didn't say that, but he does.)

Some good peeps came out.

Even the Tamale Lady stopped by for some heavy psych breaks!

AFREAKA! has become one of my most fun nights I DJ in SF. It is a night where I get some of the best DJs in SF (or anywhere) and have them bring out some of the weirdest shit they have in their record collections. The weirder and more rare the better.

Don't forget AFREAKA! is every first Wednesday of the month at the Attic in the Mission at 3336 24th St. (Right next to the 24th St. BART station).

Last night was The Funky Rewind with B.Cause at Skylark. (FREE EVERY THURSDAY!)

I spent the whole day promoting the shit outta the night by throwing up posters and getting flyers in hands.


King Most and b.cause.

Afterward I hit the mission late night burrito joint El Farolito and met up with Jeremy Sole of KCRW who is in town for some gigs and is staying at our house while he's up from L.A.

Times are rough these days but I'm finding a way to keep moving on. Mainly because the soundtrack to my life is so powerful and inspiring, not to mention having some of the most amazing friends and family one could ask for.

Feeling blessed to do what I do.

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