Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another dope weekend in SF.

Friday Pleasuremaker and his band played a gig at the De Young Art Museum. The space was beautiful. The Architecture of the building is incredible.

Afterward, we met up with Foscil Fool, the rapping biker who was performing outside the museum. His set up is quite amazing. His bike generates all of the power for his speakers which he has set up wirelessly on two seperate bikes. Also, on the back of one of the bikes is an electronic drum kit which can be played while riding. Check out more info at

This is a video of us all biking through Golden Gate Park while rocking the soundsystem. Joel is on the electronic drum kit.

Here is the crew heading down Haight Street. Fun times indeed.

Saturday I kicked it with C. Moore is his studio. Some of his most recent productions are blowing me away. He has more recently feeling a more dubby style that I am really digging. Check out some of his work up on his Myspace.

Heading to the beach, then off to Dub Mission tonight at the Elbo Room. PEACE!!!

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