Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fucked up day.

So my day started off lovely just doing the job search thing when I sliced my finger cutting an apple. At first I thought I cut the tip of my finger off but after washing out the cut I decided that I wouldn't need any stitches. So I figured I got lucky on that one. Later I was skateboarding around SF handing out flyers for this Thursday night at Underground SF, and I decided to cut through Dolores Park. All was well and the sun was shining and then out of nowhere this big sheep dog attacks me. It bit my leg and my skateboard went flying. Then it started tearing my brand new pair of jeans. Finally the dog let go and I look around and the people around in the park don't seem to know whose dog it is. Suddenly, I see the owner waving a hand and he tries to explain that "the dog hasn't attacked anyone in a while" and "why would you skateboard in expensive jeans?" That is when I about freaked out on the dude. I told him that I hadn't planned on getting attacked by a dog while skating in my jeans and I wanted to ask him if he has a dog who has attacked people before why doesn't he keep a better eye on the dog. Luckily, he agreed to pay for the jeans so I'll need to get a hold of the guy tomorrow. I didn't even think about my leg at first because I was so pissed off about the jeans, but later I realized I was bleeding and I had a couple of puncture wounds from the dog's teeth. So, at this point I was already running late to go pick up Pleasuremaker and Oz from the airport in Oakland so I just forgot about my leg for a while. While dealing with rush hour traffic I reflected on what I weird day I was having. Later my leg started feeling a bit swollen but it has since subsided, so hopefully I am still rabies free. Finally my day started getting better when we all went out for Thai food after returning to SF. It had been a long time since I remembered having a bad day so I guess I am pretty lucky. Also, putting my bad day into perspective with all of the injustice in the world I am able to realize I've got a lot to be thankful for, even on a shitty day like this. By the way, I love dogs and I have never been bit before but as a word of advice, watch out for crazy dogs and their crazy owners because they are definitely out there.


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