Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Change the Beat 3.10.09 at Madrone

So my homey Benji, aka Mophono aka DJ Centipede, gave me a call yesterday and told me that last night's lineup for his Tuesday night party Change the Beat simply couldn't be missed (as if it wasn't ill every week anyhow) and I should make sure I stopped by to check out the scene for a minute. I was really thankful homey gave me a heads-up because last night was ill!!!

In addition to Citizen Ten and DJ Centipede holding down the weekly residency at Madrone, Morse Code and Sean Julian destroyed a 30 minute set using two samplers that he said took them a day and a half to prepare for.

Peep this short video I took that does no justice to how dope it was seeing them pull this off live.

Hard act to follow? Well maybe for anyone but this guy.

DJ Centipede absolutely killed it. Homey definitely stepped it up with all the other talented cats performing.

Two of the dopest DJs in SF, Centipede and E Da Boss(who also happen to be roommates).

Citizen Ten.

Madrone just changed all their artwork dramatically as they are under new ownership. It looks ILL!!!

Come check out the new artwork and vibe for yourself as Kung Fu Chris and I will be holding it down this Friday for our FO SHO! FRIDAYS ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! It is going to be crazy. We even have a couple surprises in store for ya!

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