Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day in the Bay.

Labor Day. Usually means summer is almost over but not in SF. Surprisingly this just means that the better weather has yet to come. So less fog and more sunshine. Sounds good to me.

Friday I unintentionally drove over the Golden Gate bridge and went to the beach over in the Marin headlands. I say unintentionally because I was trying to get to Baker Beach but almost no where in this city are you allowed to make a left turn, and before I knew it we were on the bridge.

These two passed out on the way home.

Later in the weekend I went on a boat ride in the SF Bay and saw some lovely views of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset as well as Alcatraz.

The rest of the weekend was a lot of straight kickin' it.

MAKossa loves his orange mocha frappuccinos.

Sunday was classic Bay Area great summertime vibes as a little Labor Day celebration was going on in Golden Gate Park called Doin' It in the Park. It was put on by Mr. E of Papalote and heaps of other Bay Area community leaders. Behind the decks, we had Shortkut, Sake One, Platurn, Hakobo and plenty of others. It even had free BBQ, an Arcade and a Moonbounce for the little people.

Unfortunately, the event got shut down earlier than expected by the park ranger. People were disappointed to say the least but it was certainly fun while it lasted. Check out this video I shot. I particularly love how kind the gentleman in the shades is to point out that the joint he is so graciously sharing also contains tobacco. Gotta love a little Bay Area summertime spliffage!

On Labor Day I went up into Redwood country and checked out Muir Woods. The trees are unbelievable. It was a magical feeling to be dwarfed by thousand year old Redwoods. Quite a humbling experience.

After the forest, I headed over to Stinson Beach to get some rays.

Stinson Beach exemplifies what I love the most about the Northern Cali coast. It has the beautiful trees of the Northwest and the white sandy beaches of So Cal. Perfect compromise of North vs. South west coast loveliness.

Unbeatable. Labor. Day. Weekend.

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Thomas said...

The bay looks beautiful man. What a great non-laborious weekend!