Wednesday, October 1, 2008

L.A. Photos

So, as promised here are some photos from last weekend down in L.A. with Pleasuremaker and Co. Friday I accidentally left my camera at the hotel so I missed out on taking photos at the Soul Sessions party in Chinatown. Lot of heads showed up. Noelle Skaggs and Rhettmatic were also performing in addition to the Pleasuremaker Band with Oz on the decks. I even saw J. Rocc there diggin' the scene.

Saturday we kicked it at Venice beach, despite the fact that the weather was piss.

Venice Beach was a trip. I felt like if I were to do the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life people would not be remotely impressed amongst all the other entertainers on the boardwalk.

My favorite was this dude though. This stunt was straight outta the Matrix. Seriously, although this might look fake, I can assure you this really happened.

Later we stopped by Turntable Lab and kicked it. I picked up the new Karl Hector and the Malcouns album. It is similar to the Poets of Rhythm but more of an Afro-beat feel. Definitely recommended.

Original Dilla photo by B+ in the TTL office.

After Turntable Lab, we realized that Joey accidentally locked the keys in the van so we had to chill out and get some eats at Canter's while we waited for someone to unlock the car door. Canter's is an old school LA spot known for it's Reubens. LA is all about the comfortable booths.

After we got the situation taken care of with the van we went to check out the last Funky Sole party. On the decks were Jeremy Sole, Miles from Breakestra and a surprise all 45s set from Cut Chemist.

Sunday we had the Custom Sundaze pool party going on at the Custom Hotel but the weather was still pretty crappy so we didn't think many people were going to come down. Later the sun decided to come out and we were able to still throw down and make the most of it.

Sunday night we went to a night called Deep at a huge club called the Vanguard where this cat from Baltimore named Karizma was spinning. They didn't let cameras in so I didn't get any photos but you aren't missing out on much. The music was cool but the club was not really my style. A little too LA for me.

Anyway, the weekend was damn fun and I look forward to kicking it again in LA some time soon. Contrary to what I had heard, almost all the people I met in LA were really cool. The driving on the other hand, is definitely no joke. I feel like my carbon footprint is currently about a size Shaquille O' Neal.

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oz said...

word on that carbon foot print bro! massive! big up yourself! so glad u came down south! respek the realness!