Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pleasuremaker Birthday Getdown.

The newly engaged lovebirds. I love them!!!

I know what you're thinking, "Gee MAKossa do you ever change your fucking clothes?"

Yeah well I'm working on that, Imma broke azz these dayz so chill.

Me and my friends love ourselves some Fela. (Hand drawn Fela birthday card by D~Lux. Hella Props grrrl!)

Three words: suave.motha.fuckas.

Yes ladies, Marcus dresses this well all the time, so you might wanna take a number!

Benicio is the sheeeeeit. Homie hooked me up with one a these and an hour later I was toast!

Great night indeed. We celebrated Pleasuremaker's birthday properly. We hit some great Indian food, then Revolution Cafe, Elbo and finally Bruno's. Tuesday is the new Friday!

Now I'm headed down to my new favorite dive in the Mission, the Attic, to peep some tunes at Deep Listen hosted by my man Izzy.

And one more thing...

GO B-ROCK!!! Things are looking up America. Stay strong.

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