Sunday, December 7, 2008

SF give me great pleasure.

Tons of good things have been going on lately. Firstly, I need to acknowledge one of my best friends tying the knot on Friday. My boy Pleasuremaker and his lovely bride Kuyumi just got married! Head down to Afrolicious at the Elbo Room some Thursday and congratulate the man yourself.

We celebrated by hitting up on of the most unique dining experiences you can have in SF at Radio Africa at Coffee Bar. My homey Elan spins amazing Brazilian and African records throughout the evening. Highly recommended.

Later on Friday I checked out Raw Deluxe perform out at Pier 23 overlooking the SF Bay.

Raw Deluxe has been making funky hip-hop for quite some time now in the Bay Area and they were one of the first groups to really start a movement with that type of sound. Go check them out cause they are still killing it!

Last night, Saturday, I went to check out some of my friend Erica's art being displayed at huge opening down at Mezzanine.

It was kind of bananas down there. There were 150+ artists so the place was packed. Definitely some dope work on display though.

We decided to bounce after things started getting way too crowded down at Mez. Stopped by a couple spots before heading down to the Attic in the Mission. One of my favorite dives around.

The DJs were fucking hilarious. They were playing the cheesiest set of 80s rock I've ever heard. We couldn't help but dance our asses off.

I havn't laughed so hard in weeks. Classic shit.

Here's a couple of random photos from last Wednesday night. Puma was celebrating their 60th anniversary so they had an open bar and some DJs. Sign MAKossa's azz up!

Mochipet cracks me up. Homey busted out a dinosaur costume midway through his set. That always leaves a good impression.

As always, I'm enjoying myself up in the Bay.

I'm a busy man this week. Hope to see you at one of these parties I'm DJing.

Monday at Tunnel Top. Free every Monday.

Wednesday at the Attic with special guest Deejay OM. Free.

Thursday at Skylark in the Mission. Free every Thursday.

Friday at Madrone with special guest DJ Quickie Mart (Fat Beats, LA). Every second Friday of the month.

Hope to see you around SF soon.

Support your local selectas!!!!

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