Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wonderfull SF V.

Last night was the fifth Wonderfull party in SF with DJs Spinna and Bobbito. The party is dedicated to celebrating Stevie Wonder's music and has been really successful. Wonderfull has blown up so much that many feel it is one of the best parties all year long in SF or anywhere. The music was mixed really well as Spinna and Bobbito are two extremely talented DJs. Spinna in particular had some really tasty remixed tracks that gave the night a bit more of a hip-hop or hip-house style of production but staying true to the original Stevie Wonder classics.

The event was held at Mighty which is a really beautiful club with exposed brick throughout the interior.

The vibe was really great as you might expect out of a party dedicated to Stevie Wonder. People seemed really happy and warm towards each other. It was really beautiful.

The sound at Mighty is kind of crazy. They have four gigantic soundsystem style speaker units that surround the dancefloor. The sound is pretty good but not as clean as at a Mezzanine. Good nonetheless.

My ears are still ringing.

The party was really fun. I am tired as hell though. The Wonderfull party lasted until after 4 am last night and I DJed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It feels damn good to take a night off. Stay tuned beacause I am about to drop a new mix that I am really excited about. Spliff Sessions is tomorrow night at Tunnel Top.

Hope to see you!

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