Thursday, January 8, 2009

Afreaka! with Señor Oz 1.7.09 Photos

Last night's Afreaka! was really fun. Señor Oz killed it! We watched Vampiros Lesbos and it was cool because we kept the vibe sexadelic 70s vampire style, not Hot Topic goth, black eyeliner vampire style.

...but more like this.

Quality peeps in the mix.

I have been getting in a habit of dropping a 45 of Prince's Erotic City at 33 1/3 with the pitch sped all the way up to match the vibe of the night which I think sounds pretty dope, however this chick said I ruined the song and "Don't do it again". Wow, I didn't know the she was the authority on preserving the musical integrity of this man.

She's lucky I'm the laid-back MAKossa I am or else I might have called her out on killing my vibe, the consequences of which are unimaginably devistating to one's ego. Let's just be glad no one had to witness that.

So what else do you need? Shit's free son! Come get freaky at Afreaka! every first Wednesday of the month at the Attic.

Next month on Wednesday, February 4th my guest will be Mophono aka DJ Centipede. Dude's the shit, betta ask somebody!

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Anonymous said...

Speakin on erotic city at clinton did a dope cover of it thats a bit slower than the original. peeep!!!!