Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The name's MAKossa.

So this is something that's been bothering me a bit recently. There are (at least) two cats in this world that DJ under the moniker of Makossa. Hence why I distinguish my self as MAKossa not Makossa or DJ Makossa just MAKossa, as in Mack Daddy or Daddy Mack or some other Kris Kross early 90s shit that I still think is cool. So why MAKossa? Well let me break it down for ya. Makossa is a type of music native to Cameroon and popularized by Manu Dibango when he fused it with other polyrhythmic styles like percussive latin music and Jamaican riddims. It has become something that to me represents a diverse style of afrocentricism that I feel represents my style as a DJ. Additionally, in Duala, the native language of Cameroon, Makossa simply means "dance" and if you know me I've been known to rock a couple dance floors properly. So there it is.

Thanks for reading because this could be one of the more boring posts I've thrown up in a minute, but I felt this needed to be said before I become known as "DJ Makossa (no, not the dude from Vienna)".

By the way, before anyone else calls me out on being hypocritical as hell on the design of my temporary logo, I figured I'll call myself out on it. (reference this past post) Yep I'm a fucking hypocrite, but I needed a simple black and white style to match the the Spliff Sessions flyer while keeping MAK in caps. It started as a sarcastic thing at first and then I said fuck it, I don't really care what y'all think. aaaahahahahahaha!!!!


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