Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not leaving the couch for a minute.

Feeling a little sore after killing it today on the Panhandle basketball courts. As Black Moon would say "Bullz eye di-rect hit don't miss..."! I'm trying to be a little more active these days as I feel like I've hardly broken a sweat for the past couple weeks. I am feeling pretty good about myself though considering I rocked a 4.5 mile run the other day with my Irish roommate Katie, pretty good for someone who never goes running.

I'm also digging the couch comfort because I DJed almost every night last week including twice yesterday. No compliants, just glad to step up my bloggin' game while having a nice chill listening session.

Friday was dope. Kung Fu Chris and I rocked our monthly Madrone night hard.

Always a good time. Fo Sho Fridays is the second Friday of every month at Madrone.

I don't know why, but I've been unorganized as fuck when I've been DJing recently. I don't know when I stopped taking decent care of my records but man, looking at my crates it looks like I hardly use any sleeves anymore. Sounds like a late New Year's resolution to me, TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOUR SHIT SON!!!

"Can you turn down the bass?!?" Hehehe, Carla is the shit!

Kung Fu Chris up on it.

DOPE NIGHT! Why not keep it going? Back to the pad for more good times...

Saturday Señor Oz and I brought a sound system down to Golden Gate Park to rock a friend's Roller Jam birthday party.

It was fun as hell!

The weather this weekend was amazing too. Almost 70 out and no clouds!

(Photo credit: Pat Holmes)

(Photo credit: Pat Holmes)

Looks like a happy birthday girl to me!

After we cut the system, this adorable little girl starting crying because she wanted to dance more and liked our music! Cute as hell.

Then Ozzie and I headed over to 222 Hyde to rock the Tenderloin properly. Always something crazy going on outside that place. Never a dull moment in the Tenderloin, protect ya neck son!

222 is a pretty legendary spot. It used to be a recording space for jazz musicians and even housed sessions by the likes of Miles Davis and Nina Simone. Crazy vibe down in the basement there with a beautiful all brick interior.

Definitely some spirits still in the building!

Just don't go cloggin' the pipes or you'll wake some of them and they don't take too kind to unwanted dookie stink!

After 222 we hit the late night neighborhood diner hard. Lucky Penny does it right.

Here's a word of advice, if you don't want to have your Karma game fucked for life, then don't fuck with late night diner workers. Seriously, there was a table of about 10 people next to us that ordered a bunch of shit, then started banging on the table and giving our nice older waitress a hard time. Then right before all their food came, they decided to bolt without paying for anything. Hate to say it, but they are probably being robbed or stepping in dog shit or having their cars keyed as we speak. Fuck 'em. What goes around come around kid!

Hope you are all doing well out there in the world. Things seem to be getting better every day for me. Got a bunch of love to spread so I hope to see you soon in the flesh! I'll be the broke dude spinning that wax...see ya round the sco!



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