Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Weekend in NYC

New York, New York. Feels damn good to be back in the big city. SF is feeling a little small these days. So, I arrived in NYC last Thursday night after an extremely long day of traveling with a connecting flight in Austin, TX of all places. I was on about 45 minutes of sleep after my Afreaka! gig last Wednesday at the Attic so I was pretty much passed out the majority of my two flights.

My whole time in NY I was staying in Williamsburg which is one of the more convenient locations I've stayed in NY, just one stop from lower Manhattan on the L train.

This is one of the cooler pieces I've seen in a little while. The painting of the tiles so it looks pixelated a la Pacman is extremely creative. Diggin' it.

Other dope artwork in the hood.

DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn. I'm not too crazy about all of the work of this Neck Face character but he certainly knows where to drop a tag to be seen. Pretty crazy shit.

Brooklyn Bridge.

I got on a float for the Halloween parade. Shit was bananas.

What was I dressed up as you ask?

You guessed it, a coked up American Apparel model. (P.S. This is flour and MAKossa doesn't roll like that.)

Gettin' all tatted up. That sharpie hurt like a mothafucka.

Our float had a decent funk band on it dressed up as the muppets. Animal on the kit of coarse. Ali G grabbed the mic for a minute.

There were a shit load of people out.

There were definitely some damn good costumes in the mix.

This was hands down the best zombie I've ever seen. Check the colored contacts.

I also really liked this costume. Every year apparently a group of bikers dress up as E.T. and the boy on the bike. This year someone also had Gizmo on a scooter.

This dude was loving being the devil.

(By the way, I just found out in the new Waxpoetics that Grant Green had a dog named Satan, I didn't think it was possible but I now love him even more.)

Later we stopped by a house party that was not too exciting with mostly boring costumes but we made the most of it.

Saturday I kicked it in Central Park. It goes without saying how effing beautiful the park is in the fall.

Saturday night I saw one of the craziest shows I've ever seen in my life. It is called Fuerza Bruta and I'm not going to even attempt to explain it too you. Just peep some of these photos I took and check it out for yourself.

Sunday was the NYC Marathon which was unbelievable. I saw a blind man running it as well as a man with only one leg. People are fucking amazing!

Little dude was killing on the kit while the runners passed through Williamsburg.

Later that afternoon I kicked it in Park Slope for a while before my gig at Rose in Williamsburg.

So my flight home was in the evening on Tuesday, Nov. 4. The whole flight I was scared as hell that McCain was somehow going to pull off a win despite being the underdog. Sometimes you just never know what can happen especially when there is such a high chance of some shady shit was being pulled.

So halfway through the flight, the flight attendant announced the Obama victory. A couple loud cheers erupted from within the plane. I have never wanted to hug someone so badly in my life. Unable to do so as I was traveling on the solo and I found myself next to an older couple of an ambiguous political stance, I couldn't contain my happiness. Close to tears, I smiled brightly as I knew the the horrific Bush era was finally over.

As I arrived in San Francisco, I took the BART directly to the mission district to meet with some friends to celebrate the Obama victory. As soon as I got off the BART, I couldn't believe how many people where out in the streets celebrating. People were openly drinking tallboys and dancing to drum circles everywhere in the streets.

It was fucking unbelievable. People were so happy. It was truly beautiful.

Pleasuremaker even busted out a stogie!

Tuesday night was my happiest moment of my life as an American citizen. I am truly proud to be an American again. We will once again gain the respect from around the world that was taken from us by the Bush administration.

Althought I believe Obama is going to be the best president our nation has seen in decades, our country is not going to just fix itself. We need to work together to make this happen. It isn't going to be easy, but with hard work and a new hope for the future in President Barack Obama we will bring ourselves out of this tough economic crisis and end the wars in Iraq and Afganistan.

The world just got a lot better.

Congratulations America from a very peaceloving and patriotic DJ MAKossa.


oz said...

Yeah Makossa! saving the world one blog post at a time!!!

Thomas said...

What what!? The biggest hole in your story is why you didn't holler when you were stopping in the ATX (of all places...what the fuck is that supposed to mean?!). Next time, brother. Me and Starla are definitely plotting a trip to SF, details pending.