Monday, November 10, 2008

The new pad.

Just relocated in SF and I am quite stoked on the move. My room is quite a bit smaller but I've got huge place with some amazing new roommates and a back yard (WHAT WHAT!). So my room is far from organized but I've been listening to some new and old records today and just kickin' it.

I've been taking advantage of my new roommate SeƱor Oz's record collection. You may have heard of his weekly Afro-funk party on Thursday's at the Elbo Room called Afrolicious that he does with his younger brother Pleasuremaker.

So I drank heaps of coffee and danced the robot to this...

The back cover... any close friend should do.

Other records of his I was diggin on include Bohannon's 1975 LP Insides Out.

So tonight Tunnel Top is going to be quite bangin'. Hope to see you down there.

The new lineup.

I've got some other dope stuff going on this week too.

Kung Fu Chris and I just started a dope new Thursday night party in the Mission that is free every week. It is called Discos Fuentes. Discos Fuentes is your source of latin funk, soul, reggae and hip-hop. Held every Thursday at Skylark (16th and Mission). Come say what up and I'll even buy you a drink (seriously).

I am actually not going to be there this Thursday Nov. 13th however because I'm heading up to Sebastopol (North of SF) for this dope little weekly.

So taking my spot alongside Kung Fu Chris is gonna be this man...

That would be Toph One from XLR8R magazine's Lucky 13 column and his 10 year long running Red Wine party Wednesday nights at Dalva.

Also this Friday...

Kung Fu and I hold down Fo Sho! Fridays every second Friday at Madrone. Always a good time.

So tons of good things going on. Hope to see your beautiful face soon!

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