Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Return of the MAK.

Back in action and ready to present a post from some of the highlights of the past couple weeks in my life. So here we go...

Our main homey from BK, DJ Concerned, was in town staying with me and Oz for fucking ever, 10 days or some shit, but I'd be lying to say I didn't love every minute of it. Constant entertainment, seriously you need to hit him up for stories including him making people cry and setting the record for most burritos consumed during one stay.

Here he is rocking our weekly Thursday party called Discos Fuentes at Skylark in the Mission.

Kung Fu Chris laying down some funky wax. In case you didn't know, KFC is one of the funkiest cats in the Bay Area. Besides sharing two weeklies with yours truly, he holds down the low end (bass) for Raw Deluxe (betta ask somebody).

Afterward we rocked it at our place as usual. The combo of Toph, Kung Fu Chris and Concerned had me rolling. Funny characters for sure.

Classic times indeed.

Here we are getting down on some Thai, the one meal of Concerned's that wasn't a burrito.

Kicking it at the house with Concerned and Phil Money before the Kraak and Smaak show.

DJ Smash came through as well.

Kraak and Smaak was pretty dope but I wasn't blown away or anything. They definitely had a couple songs I wasn't feelin'.

The show was completely sold out at the Independent though.

On Sunday I got to see a really interesting show at Amoeba. Rodriguez was playing on Sunday night at the Great American Music Hall, so he performed a free show that day.

If you aren't familar with Rodriguez (as most people weren't until Light in the Attic reissued his psych-folk-rock classic) he is a musician who was recently discovered living in Detroit unaware that his 1969 album Cold Fact had become a digger's rare gem. So thanks to Light in the Attic, he is now playing shows again and promoting the reissue of his classic album.

Check the track Sugar Man.

Sugar Man - Rodriguez

Later that day, I had an truly epic time at Revolution Cafe. Revolution is an absolute staple of the bohemian vibe of the Mission District.

On Sunday evenings they host free live classical music. It is an unbelievable experience. Truly beautiful and a great way to just sit and reflect on life. So, I spaced out and worked on my origami skills with quasi-orchestral accompaniment.

Last night was my weekly Spliff Sessions party that goes down every Monday night at Tunnel Top. I'm really, really dig playing this party. It is cool to just feel out the vibe and dust off some records I don't get to play very often. I've been known to rock a set with everything from Mulatu Astatke to 2 Live Crew, from Lennie Hibbert to Gangstarr, Ersen to S.O.S. Band, and on and on. Come experience a Spliff Session for yourself. I promise you will dig the vibe.

Plus, there happens to be a ton of hostels around Tunnel Top that provide an influx of young Euro talent (non-gender specific reference to "talent", of course).

Plus, who wouldn't want to come show this guy some love?

Cuz I certainly could use some love these days! Shit is rough, but remember love is all we need.

Be well people.

Until next time...

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