Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wild Combination.

"This was a guy who could sit down with a cello and sing with it in a way that no one on this earth has ever done before, or will ever do so again."
-Philip Glass on Arthur Russell.

Last night, I saw Matt Wolf's documentary on Arthur Russell at the Roxie. It was done better than I could have imagined. Wolf paints a truly touching story of the life of Arthur Russell with some amazing footage and interviews with those closest to him. What really made the film so impressive was that you did not have to be a fan of Russell or even know anything about the artist to appreciate the story of his life as told through the film. The interviews with his parents and his partner were extremely emotional and beautiful. I highly recommend seeing this film, for I promise it will both touch and inspire you in a way few films can.

For more information on Arthur Russell, check out the article in Waxpoetics issue 23 with interviews from Francois Kevorkian and Bob Blank.

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